For Researchers

Supporting Research to Find a Cure

The ADDF funds alzheimer's drug discovery and development programs from domestic and international scientists in both academia and biotechnology companies. As a biomedical venture philanthropy, the ADDF seeks to fill the critical translational funding gap that exists between basic research and later stage drug development funding high risk, early stage drug discovery and development projects from high throughput screening to phase IIa clinical trials. The ADDF catalyzes scientists to enter the drug discovery field and helps to create new biotechnology companies to accelerate the commercialization of exciting new therapeutics for Alzheimer's disease, dementia and cognitive aging. *We seek a return on investment for all of our grants based on the achievement of scientific and/or business milestones. When these milestones are met, funds return to the Foundation to increase our ability to support more research.

In addition, the ADDF initiates, sponsors, and co-sponsors conferences to stimulate new ideas and approaches in areas of interest to the ADDF, bringing together physicians, scientists, and policymakers worldwide. In addition to providing funding, to help scientists find the drug discovery expertise they need, the ADDF has established the ADDF ACCESS program to provide a network of contract research organizations (CROs), academic drug discovery centers, research resources and educational tools. The ADDF ACCESS program additionally provides a network of consultants and collaborators for ADDF applicants and funded investigators to provide guidance on design and execution of drug discovery programs and on the process of selecting and managing a CRO contract.

*Title to any intellectual property made by the grantee institution during the performance or as a result of the grant shall vest with the grantee institution.