The Aging & Alzheimer’s Prevention Program

Our mission is to evaluate, communicate, and accelerate the development of scientific evidence
for proposed strategies to prevent brain aging, Alzheimer’s disease, and related dementias.

The stats


there will be
72.1 million
people over 65

more than
their number in 2000


The problem

A crisis of dementia is about to strike our aging population - and unfortunately, we are not prepared. This global problem looms larger as the number of older adults grows. In the US alone, by 2030 there will be over 72 million people over 65 and almost 10 million over the age of 85. Fortunately, scientists are investigating hundreds of potential strategies to lower the risk or delay the onset of dementia and extend healthy active lifespan in general. The most promising strategies slow the rate of aging, the greatest risk factor for dementia as well as for many illnesses.

How we started

In March 2012, the Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation (ADDF) responded by creating the Aging & Alzheimer's Prevention Program to develop and implement strategies beyond traditional drug discovery to accelerate the development and use of effective therapies to protect against brain aging and dementia. The non-profit program is made possible by the generosity of ADDF donors. The program is run by three PhD scientists led by Howard Fillit, MD, a leader in geriatric medicine, aging, neuroscience, and Alzheimer's disease. 


What We Do in the Aging & Alzheimer's Prevention Program

  • We evaluate the science of prevention therapies. 
  • We communicate the science of prevention therapies. The Clinical Advisory Board to the program reviews the rating and the report for each prevention therapy
  • We accelerate the science of prevention therapies
    • Organize advisory panels to develop solutions to the challenges that slow prevention therapy development
    • Fund high-risk catalytic research
    • Highlight aging biology, central to promising therapies to treat and prevent Alzheimer's

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