Aging + Alzheimer’s Prevention Program

The Science Versus the Myths

Established with ongoing support from an anonymous donor, the Aging & Alzheimer’s Prevention Program seeks to provide clear, practical information and research reports on drugs, supplements, and other approaches that have been proposed to protect against brain aging and Alzheimer’s.

Can fish oil lower your risk of developing dementia or even slow cognitive aging? What about antioxidants, vitamins, nutritional supplements, traditional herbal medicines, and drugs? Science has not yet answered these questions.

While many drugs, supplements, and alternative therapies claim to fight brain aging and disease, nothing has been proven in humans to slow brain aging or protect against neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. The scientific evidence varies tremendously and the safety of many of these agents can be questionable.

We neither recommend nor endorse any of these compounds or approaches. Instead, our goal is to describe the scientific evidence of the efficacy and safety of proposed prevention therapies. You should always consult with your healthcare provider before making decisions regarding treatment.

This page is currently under development and will be updated soon. For more information on the Aging & Alzheimer’s Prevention Program, please contact Dr. Penny Dacks at

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