In Memoriam

“The life given us by nature is short; but the memory of a life well-spent is eternal.” - Cicero

The ADDF remembers and honors those taken by Alzheimer’s in 2012 by continuing to fight for a cure.

Melba Bickham

Jean T. Brigati

Paul Connolly

Mary Louise Deal

Edwin Everitt

Beverly Harris

Irwin “Win” Hecht

Thomas Hendricks

Gloria Hirtz

Shirley Lichaw

Ronald Loeb

Lydia Melendez

Joan Morse

Bill Opelka

Connie Rice

Phyllis Rosenthal

Warren E. Siegmond

Making a gift to the ADDF in someone’s name is a meaningful way to remember a loved one or colleague. If you would like to add a person to this list, please call (212) 901-8000. To learn more about giving in a person’s memory or honor, click here.