ADDF Funded Investigators

Q: Where can I find more information about progress and expense requirements?

Investigators who receive funding are required to submit semi-annual and final progress and financial reports to discuss their findings, methods, and – when appropriate – future directions. The possibility of follow-on funding may be discussed during the subsequent conference call. A new letter of intent (LOI) must be submitted for any follow-on proposal. Below is additional information and report templates.

Interim Reports

In the interim progress report, the investigator should clearly discuss the extent to which progress has contributed to the objectives of the project, as well as positive and negative unexpected findings. Problems should be interpreted in relation to their probable effects on the likelihood and cost of attaining the project’s objectives.

Final Reports

Upon completion of the grant award, the investigator should prepare a final scientific report that presents and assesses the overall findings and indicate the degree to which the objectives were met. The investigator should also include potentially fruitful new lines of research indicated by the results of the project. Additional pages should be attached if necessary, including charts and graphs that aid quick comprehension and provide snapshots of results.

Financial Reports

Upon completion of the grant award, the financial report should compare actual expenditures with the budgeted amounts. Please provide an explanation for any deviation.

Please use only these templates to submit both interim and final scientific and financial reports. Completed reports should be submitted to Hanna Bridges-Curry, Grants Associate,

Scientific Report Template
Financial Report Template 

Q: Can funds from my grant be reallocated?

All awardees are required to notify the foundation of any changes made to the budget.

Q: As an awardee, can I request a no cost extension on my grant?

Yes, no cost extensions need to be approved by the foundation.  In order to request an extension, please send the reason in writing via email to 

Q. Can renewal grants or follow-on funding be considered?

Yes. However, each applicant must submit a new grant proposal. The foundation cannot make any guarantees on funding for the second year as it depends on our budgets and other grants we are funding.

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