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General Application Guidelines:

The ADDF adheres to the following broad guidelines in accepting and evaluating grant applications, we stongly advise reading the application instructions and compound report card prior to preparing the application.  

1. A Letter of Intent (LOI) is required to determine the ADDF’s interest prior to a full application. If the submitted Letter of Intent is not consistent with our mission, a full proposal will not be invited. Letters of Intent to the General RFP are accepted throughout the year. Review cycles are held quarterly for most RFPs.

*Please note, if you apply to our funding opportunities, your email address will automatically be added to our scientific mailing list. You are welcome to unsubcribe if you do not find the information useful*

2. After the LOI is recognized and reviewed by ADDF, the applicant will receive an email with a link to the electronic application forms to submit a full proposal. The applicant must fill out the forms electronically and submit them via the website.

3. Upon receipt of the application, the ADDF will begin the scientific review process. We will attempt to make a determination of interest within 90 days of the proposal deadline.

4. Submissions are initially reviewed by our scientific staff. Selected applications are then submitted to the ADDF’s Scientific Review Board to conduct a written review. For applications from biotechnology companies, additional reviewers also are invited from the Business Advisory Board to assess the management and viability of the company from a business perspective.**

The ADDF regrets that we are not able to fund all grant proposals, though every effort is made to provide constructive feedback to our applicants.

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1. Grants are typically approved for one year. Grantees may apply for renewal/follow-on funding. For certain situations, such as for clinical trials, multi-year grants may be considered. Budgets for preclinical projects typically range from $100,000-$300,000 per year depending on the stage of the project. Budget requests up to $1.5 million are accepted for clinical trial submissions.  

2. Support is provided for personnel costs, supplies (i.e., consumables, chemicals, animals), small non-durable equipment up to $2,500, consultants, and patient costs related to clinical trials. Support is not provided for indirect costs/overhead, capital equipment, equipment service contracts, publication costs, or travel. Contact our Grants staff regarding questions about indirect costs/overhead.

3. Funded researchers must submit scientific and financial progress reports on a semi-annual basis. For more in depth information on requirements, please see the detailed application instructions

**All ADDF Governors, officers, and advisory committee members who participate in the selection of recipients for research grant funding are required to annually complete conflict of interest questionnaires to avoid conflicts of interest and maintain high ethical standards.

For questions, please contact:

Dan Teng, Grants Associate,, 212.901.7998


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