Funding Opportunities

2014 Research Funding Priorities  

The ADDF funds four different categories of research; drug discovery and preclinical development, early detection, clinical trials and prevention. The ADDF does not fund basic research.

The ADDF is interested in novel targets and therapeutic approaches for Alzheimer’s disease, related dementias and cognitive aging. These areas include, but are not limited to: Energy utilization/mitochondria function, insulin sensitivity, protein degradation/autophagy, ApoE function and cholesterol metabolism, vesicular trafficking, inflammatory pathways, synaptic function/morphology, calcium regulation, myelin changes, ischemia and oxidative stress, vascular injury, the blood-brain barrier interface, and translatable biomarkers. The ADDF has limited interest in funding anti-amyloid approaches and has limited interest in funding cholinesterase inhibitor programs. For more information on Alzheimer's funding opportunities, please see Request for Proposals.

Apply for Funding

The ADDF welcomes potential applicants to direct proposal ideas, questions and comments to:

Diana Shineman, PhD, Director, Scientific Affairs,

for prevention and CAPA Consortium: Penny Dacks, PhD, Assistant Director, Aging & Alzheimer's Prevention,  

For more information on the application process or questions regarding an existing application, please contact:

Danielle Popow, Grants Coordinator,